1. The store guarantees the sale of accounts in one hand.

2. Replacing accounts in case of inoperability, for example: incorrect account login information. For replacement it is necessary to have a video from the moment of purchase to the moment of logging in to the account or when a problem occurs. Login using a private IPv4 proxy server or mobile private proxies. Use 1 private proxy for 1 account.

3. Refund only if there is no replacement.

4. Buying a product, the buyer realizes the fact that he knows how to work with them, we are not engaged in training on the use of goods.

5. If the account can be accessed via computer, but login is restricted on other devices, then there is no substitute.

6. Initially valid accounts will not be replaced if the account is locked due to your fault.

7. When buying an item, check immediately, otherwise you will forfeit your replacement/refund guarantee. (Each item is guaranteed for 20 minutes).

8. We do not do refunds if the item was purchased due to negligence.

9. By making a purchase on the website, you automatically agree with the store rules.