✅ ⚡️Telegram accounts ⚡️ Philippines. Session json. Manual registration. From 1-5+ days. ✅ ⚡️

249 pcs. Price per 1pcs 0.44 $.


  • Accs are registered to Philippine numbers.✔️
  • Format: session json. ✔️
  • Registered on phones on the official app. ✔️
  • Names (ENG). ✔️
  • 2FA is enabled on all accounts (is in JSON signed as "twoFA" further password). ✔️
  • Accounts can be empty, or with chats/dialogs.✔️

Accounts cannot be opened on your phone. In order to open this format, you will need a software (program). Accounts are not convertible, so choose carefully the format you want.

If you use accounts via software (program), then these accounts should be opened only on the following software: Telegram Expert, TeleRaptor. We do not make substitutions when using other software.

IMPORTANT: Login with a proxy! Proxy must be connected before logging into the account, otherwise there is no replacement! Use 1 ip address for 1 account (ip address of the same country as the account).

Accounts may have a temporary spamblock, that goes away after a while. Only accounts with a perpetual spamblock will be replaced.

Instructions for use:

In order to open a telegram account in session json format, you will need a software (program), for example: Telegram Expert.

Recommendations for purchase:

  • Use proxies when working with accounts.
  • First buy a small number of accounts(up to 5) and test them.

The product is guaranteed for 20 minutes after purchase. For replacement or refund in case of account inoperability, you must have a video recording from the moment of purchase, before the problem occurred. Be sure to connect private clean proxies before opening accounts (do not use free ones).