Telegram accounts | USA. Session json. Registered 8+ days ago.

152 pcs. Price per 1pcs 0.48 $.


  • Profiles are registered to USA numbers.
  • Format: session json.
  • 2FA (password in each folder "2fa.txt", or you can see it in the json file)
  • Accounts can be empty or with chats/dialogues.

Accounts cannot be opened on the phone. In order to open this format, you will need software (program). Accounts are not convertible, so choose the format you need carefully. When working with TgNinja / Telegram Expert software, there is no guarantee for accounts.

IMPORTANT: Login using a proxy! Proxy to connect before logging into an account, otherwise there is no replacement! At 1 account use 1 proxy.


  • When using accounts, use proxies.
  • First, buy a small number of accounts (up to 5) and test them.

Guarantee for goods 20 minutes after purchase! We bought an account, turned on the software for recording video, screenshots are not a proof. If the account is not valid, send the video to the site administrator. Record video from the moment of purchase, with a proxy or VPN connection for the country of the account (do not use free ones), before opening an account.