Facebook accounts | Ukraine. KING Farm + BM + FP (profarm). 14 days of farming. SMS. Cookies. Foto/Doc. EAAB token. 2FA included.

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Description Account type:

  • Facebook accounts are manually registered to a phone number.
  • Confirmed by email.
  • Farm 14+ days.
  • 100+ friends ( not bots ).
  • Manual activity (message).
  • More than 10-15 posts / reposts.
  • Profarm Fan Page.
  • Activity outside of FB.
  • Advertising ban is passed.
  • It comes with (EAAB token, json cookies, more than 5 real fresh social profile photos, quality card for passing the RDA, manual for opening an account, 2FA codes, user-agent).
  • Format: a link to a google drive that has all the data you need to log in.

Recommendations for purchase:

  • Use proxies when working with accounts.
  • First buy a small number of accounts(up to 5) and test them.

The product is guaranteed for 20 minutes after purchase. For replacement or refund in case of account inoperability, you must have a video recording from the moment of purchase, before the problem occurred. Be sure to connect private clean proxies before opening accounts (do not use free ones).