How to open tdata telegram?

This format can only be opened on a Windows PC. To open an account in tdata format, you will need the Telegram Portable version, which can be downloaded from the official Telegram website. You can buy telegram accounts from our website.

Before you open a tdata account, it is mandatory to connect private proxies under the country of the telegram account. For this purpose, you can use the Proxifier program. Without connecting a private proxy for the country of the account, all your accounts can fly away, and there is no way to restore it.

If you already have a portable version of Telegram, you will need to move your purchased account to the root folder of Telegram to log in. If you have previously logged in with your primary or other account, don't forget to move the tdata folder to a separate location. Tdata is your account.

To successfully open an account, you must have the latest version of Telegram Portable.

How to open a telegram json session?

In order to open a telegram account in session json format, you will need a software (program), private proxies are connected through the settings of the selected software. If you use accounts through the software, then these accounts should be opened only on the following software: Telegram Expert, TeleRaptor. We do not make substitutions when using other software.

Also remember that the session json format is usually used for mailing lists and invites, not for personal use.