Twitter accounts | Gender: Female | Not filled | Mail included

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Automatically registered twitter accounts. Confirmed by mail, mail may not work. Accounts live a very long time. Suitable for newsletters, subscriptions, parsing or other work with the account.

Important: If your account comes with a cookie, you must use it to sign in to your account. If you try to log in to the account as usual (i.e. without using Useragent and cookies), the account may be blocked. This is not grounds for a replacement or refund. Accounts may ask for captcha or additional information, which is attached to the account, when logging in for the first time. Accounts can be verified as

Format. login:password:mail:password

Guarantee for goods 20 minutes after purchase! We bought an account, turned on the software for recording video, screenshots are not a proof.
If the account is not valid, send the video to the site administrator. Record video from the moment of purchase,
with a proxy or VPN (do not use free ones), before opening an account.